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Digital Dental X-Rays in Elk Grove, CA

Anyone who has been to the dentist knows what it’s like to get a dental x-ray. These are useful tools to dentists and technicians, as they allow them to see what’s going on inside your mouth without having to open you up. The problem with them is the fact that they require a dose of high-energy radiation to function, and as such, can be unhealthy if used frequently. Dentists have realized this, and petitioned for ways around such dangers. Laguna Star Dental uses digital dental x-rays by Gendex, one of the more recent replacements of traditional technologies.

Digital dental x-ray technology is safer than traditional x-ray technology because it requires much lower x-ray doses. This allows patients the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re not being exposed to unnecessarily high doses of ionizing radiation, and dentists, the ability to ensure to their patients that they’re being cared for in the safest way possible.

Digital dental x-rays also offers the benefit of being significantly better at imaging than traditional x-rays. They’re just as accurate as film x-rays, but can do things film can’t. Digital images can be magnified hundreds of times to reveal tiny details that wouldn’t be apparent on film, allowing dentists to make diagnoses faster, more confidently, and with less time between imaging and treatment. This allows patients to get in and out a lot faster than they would if their treatments relied on traditional film images.

Another advantage Laguna Star Dental has with digital dental x-ray technology is the fact that it operates much faster than film machines. Not only does the machine work faster, but dentists are able to see the x-rays almost immediately, allowing them to start analyzing right away. This is a huge step up in comparison to how things work when dentists rely on film images. Then, they must wait for sheets to process, and hope that the details they need are apparent at the size of the print to which the film was magnified. Put another way, digital x-rays allow for low-risk, instant diagnosis and treatment discussion, whereas film requires somewhat more risk with much less payoff and versatility. There’s no good reason not to use digitized radiography, and you’re bound to notice a huge difference in the speed and quality of the service you’ll receive when you find yourself in one of Laguna Star Dental’s digital x-ray rooms.