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Laguna Star Dental, an Elk Grove Dentist, offers $59.00 New Patient Special that includes, a Dental Exam and Digital Dental X-rays.

If you don’t look forward to heading to the dentist, you are not alone – one of the most anxieties producing experiences an adult or child can go through, millions of people dread heading to the dentist. And while there are a million and one different reasons for this reaction, the fact of the matter is that too many dental offices are the kind of place you should dread. Treating you like just another body that comes walking in the door, not paying close attention to your fears and concerns, and shipping you in and out of the office in an effort to see as many people as they can in a day.

Tired of being treated like another number in a deli line every time you go to the dentist? Well at Laguna Star Dental, you be treated like the valued patient and person you are, with access to some of the best dentists in the area – come on in and try out our New Patient Special and see what you’ve been missing!

One of the area’s premier dental offices, you would be hard pressed to find any Elk Grove dentist that paid more close attention and care to each and every person that walks into the office than you would at Laguna Star Dental. Understanding totally and completely that you’re probably not looking forward to having your entire mouth held wide open while the Doc pokes around in there, you’ll find that the folks at this Elk Grove dentist are compassionate, real people that want nothing more than to make you feel as comfortable as possible –all while helping you boost your smile in any way that they can!

If you’ve been looking for the chance to upgrade your smile almost instantly, nothing can do it better than an Elk Grove teeth whitening service

For further evidence of this simple fact you need look no further than the almost record low price of the New Patient Special. For just $59.00 you’ll get a complete workup from the very best in our office, be shown around the premises, and get to meet the world class experts we have on staff – and get one of the best Elk Grove teeth whitening services you’ll find at the same time. This is the kind of deal that no other dental office in the area is confident enough to offer, and something we think you deserve. Come on in today!

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