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Same Day Crowns – Elk Grove, CA

Laguna Star Dental of Elk Grove uses the latest technology in dental restorative technology. Our Elk Grove dentalpractice uses CEREC same day crowns and we are able to scan, design, and produce beautiful crown restorations right in our Elk Grove Dental office. That’s because at Laguna Star Dental we utilize the latest in dental technology for production of ceramic inlays, on lays, partial crowns, veneers, and crowns. Our CEREC same day crown system makes receiving dental treatment faster and more accommodating for you. Thanks to our modern dental facility, you are able to come into our Elk Grove dental office, receive a crown, and walking out the same day. CEREC crown technology is strong, durable, and cosmetically pleasing crown already in place. Please call our Elk Grove Dental practice today and learn how you can benefit from our state of the art, CEREC same day crown treatment.

Some of the Benefits of CEREC same day crown technology includes:

  • Fast camera scans
  • No silicone impressions
  • No temporary crowns
  • Single-appointment
  • Sam Day Crowns

Since 1985, more than 8 million dental patients have received crowns using the CEREC crown technology system. CEREC crown technology at Laguna Star Dental, makes receiving a dental crown in Elk Grove, faster and more efficient than any other option available today. To schedule you next dental appointment with Laguna Star Dental or to learn more about our CEREC same day crowns in Elk Grove, please give us a call. 916-478-0222.

In the Before and After picture below, you can see how our crowns can restore the beauty of you teeth.  And with our same day product, you can acheive great results in only one day’s time.  This procedure is both fast and efficient.  At Laguna Star Dental, we are Elk Grove’s best option for crowns because we have the most modern dental equipment and products.  For a free CEREC same day crowns consultation please call us or send us an email via our contact page.  To read more about CEREC same day crowns, visit their webpage: Click Here

3D Technology for Crowns

3D Technology for Crowns

Porcelain inlays, onlays and crowns provide strong, natural-looking restorations for severely damaged teeth. Through advanced CEREC CAD/CAM technology, we have the ability to measure, fit and place a permanent porcelain restoration (inlay, onlay or crown) in just one visit.

Custom Abutments and Crowns

In dentistry, an abutment is a connecting element. This is used in the context of a fixed bridge (the “abutment teeth” referring to the teeth supporting the bridge), partial removable dentures (the “abutment teeth” referring to the teeth supporting the partial) and in implants (used to attach a crown, bridge, or removable denture to the dental implant fixture). The implant fixture is the screw-like component that is osseointegrated.

Custom Abutments and Crowns
Polishing Crowns

Polishing Crowns

Ever since porcelain was introduced as a restorative material, it has been accepted that the best surface for porcelain is a high-gloss glaze, which is effective by sealing open pores in the porcelain surface.